Tuesday, June 1

Bible Memorization (Part One)

How do we memorize and familiarize ourselves with the books of the Bible? (Part One)

In the past few months, I have been using post-it notes, writing the book, the chapter, and the verse(s) at the top. (See Picture.) I include the verse, no matter how long it is, if it is long it goes front and back. Now, you do not have to use a post-it, you may use a piece of scrap paper or whatever suits you, but this is what I use. Usually blue post-its, thus the reason the picture is blue.

After you have written the verse out, stick it in that spot in the Bible. That way, when you are flipping through, you will get a better idea of where which book is in the Bible. It will help the memorization process.

Use flashcards. Put the book, chapter, verse on the front, and the verse on the back. It works wonders, believe me. Go through them as often as possible, and by the first few times, you will be able to quote scripture.

Begin underlining verses that are of value to you - that you think apply directly to you, and while all verses do, I mean this: take for example the teenager who cuts his or herself. For one, they already know its wrong. But say someones told them that it was in the Bible and they weren't sure where to find it. Leviticus 19:28 says, "Do not cut your bodies or tattoo yourselves. I am the Lord." I know that, only because of memorization.

By reading over passages several times, you will easily be able to remember them - flashcards, post-its, whatever it may be, they all help. By memorizing scripture, it will help the way you approach people, change your life, it will help you in your prayers, scripture is a powerful tool in prayer.

While this is a very short entry, I will be GREATLY expanding and expounding upon this subject tomorrow, and will be suggesting several verses too mark. God Bless, Take Care. Troy Hillman

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