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Interview With Author C.W. Eddy

In this entry, we interview author, ordained minister, building contractor, faith based counselor, and missionary CW Eddy. Eddy recently wrote a book, The Power Of I Will: It Will Change Your Life. Having personally read his book, I found it enjoyable, enlightening, helpful, and life-changing. I recommend it to all. (Words by Troy Hillman, images courtesy of CW Eddy)

Troy Hillman: Thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview, Mr. Eddy. Always a pleasure. Your book, The Power of I Will, is a wonderful book, certainly one we recommend to the reader. Now, what led you or inspired you to write this book?

CW Eddy: Hey Troy-- Can I call you Troy?  And maybe you can just refer to me as CW?  I guess I would have to answer both of your questions by saying that the Lord led me and inspired me to write this book.  Before you think that just a spiritual answer, let me say that it was some of the frustrations with other believers and my own ill health that gave me the time to write.  You see, I have had some major back problems for years as well as some other physical issues that have diminished my ability and drive to continue on in the construction industry.  Then a friend of mine all but promised me a new career path with his business that I thought must be an answer to my prayers regarding purpose and finances.  Well - that proved to be a false or vanishing promise.  I was faced with disappointment and lots of time on my hands. Some of what I put in the book comes from sermons I have preached and some of it comes from information I picked up in course work on my way to a Doctorate in Ministry.  It has been a neat adventure building a book.  I am glad you found it stimulating Troy.

TH: Of course, CW, and yes, Troy works. Succinctly put, what would you say sets Christianity apart from any other religion?

CW: Well Troy-- since you asked me and not a Google search and you want it succinctly I might answer as follows. We are creatures that eat to fuel our engines and please our palates. Hence there are countless styles of cooking and preparation to satisfy that basic facet of our makeup.
C.W. Eddy
  In a like manner we humans are spiritual in design.  It should not be surprising that there are many, many styles and flavors so to speak trying to satisfy that basic facet of our makeup.  Probably each of us has a style or two that we really love but also have tried some dishes or diets that are repulsive to our taste.  But I cannot ever recall wars being fought in the history of mankind over eating.  Something we all do several times every day... and yet we pretty much live and let live.  How is it that religion, on the other hand elicits such strong opinion?  We are spiritual beings; we have countless "recipes" for how to satisfy that basic need.  Yet, that is something that wars have indeed been fought over. 

 You asked me what makes Christianity different than other religions.  I think, in its sweetest and purest sense, it is supposed to be a relationship and not a religion.  The first Adam had a relationship with his God (and I hesitate to say 'his God' only because there are no other Gods) Adam knew nothing of religion.  The second Adam-- Jesus Christ walked in relationship with the Father.  You might say that he did practice religion, and yes that is true that he was perfect in the practice of religion.  But when asked what were the two most important tenants (commandments) he framed them in the context of love and relationship.  Furthermore, the litmus test for all he did was not found in any of the religious requirements... no - he stated that he only did that which he heard or saw his Father doing.  Two things we might conclude.  We have a God who cannot be reached by religious practice and we have a God that wants fellowship with us.  Certainly I see those two among many things that make Christianity different from other religions.    

TH: Thank you, CW. I certainly agree. I've been asked before, "Don't all roads lead to God," and I generally go into my long response, but a very simple of putting it would be this: Even if all roads led to the same door, the door is locked and there is only one key that will open the door. Christ is that key. Christianity is the only religion which features a resurrection, the only religion that offers a solution to the sin problem, and the only testable religion.
TH: Can you explain, for the reader, the cover of your book?

CW: Troy- I like that remark about the door and key. If not copyrighted-- I would like to borrow it.  As for my cover design, I looked over many images from Stockphoto, but most seemed to be something one might see on a magazine cover or some, with hands reaching, have been overdone.  Of course I live in the Northeast, and so I am quite used to seeing flocks of geese migrating along the river corridor where I live.  I liked the geese background for several reasons.  We humans are on migration toward our eternal home.  This is true whether we believe the same or not or even believe at all.  I think we are eternal beings who get the privilege of choosing where we will spend eternity. 
 That explains the backdrop to some extent.  As for the wording, part of it is the title of course and part of it is a hook meant to draw someone into some sort of reaction.  But I mean no false advertising.  I do absolutely believe that our "I Will" can and will change our life.  I also believe the phrase at the top about 'Ultimate Power' is true and not a hook.  If indeed what we believe affects our eternal home as well as the course for our life down here... I can think of no greater power.  Humankind is the apple of God's eye and his masterpiece of His creation and our relationship with Him and our destiny depends on what "I Will" does with His gift.  That to me is more interesting than the Civil War, gizmos; spy thrillers or even where the "talking heads" think our country is headed!

TH: CW, by all means, this is one of those analogies that ought to be used. I certainly agree, "I Will" is very important. I can only imagine how many times Christ said or thought that phrase with all of us in mind. Words are very important - God gave us His written Word, the Bible. Jesus is referred to as "The Word." God spoke the Universe into existence, and as we are made in His image, so too we have the ability to speak. "I Will" is a very important thing to think - and speak.
TH: To use one of the questions you pose, do you personally believe that the Bible is inerrant, reliable, and historically accurate?

CW: Troy- Yes I believe the Bible is inerrant, reliable and historically accurate.  I will leave it for apologists such as yourself to use archaeological proofs that historical cities or people groups did indeed exist, as well as certain kings reigned during time periods mentioned.  I will also let mathematicians prove statistically how remote the probabilities of certain events or prophecies happening might be. 

TH: In your book, you talk about upward mobility. Could you describe that a bit?

CW: Sure.  Well, upward mobility, strictly speaking, simply implies the capacity or facility for rising to a higher social or economic position.  There are other definitions to that talk about ability or desire to move to higher social classes, or attain more power or greater wealth.  As i said in my book, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with any one of these goals. It is just that we humans have such a hard time keeping our motives pure or even knowing our motives for that matter. Troy- I think that one of the basic struggles facing us for most of our journey through this life deals with this issue. There is something wired within us (some would say it is our sin nature) that constantly strives for upward mobility. The Bible might say we struggle with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the boastful pride of life. It can be so subliminal and sinister.  Sometimes it is very hard to discern whether we are doing something out of true and pure motives or if it is somehow to better our position, status, image and more. I think this starts way before the corporate boardroom. It can start in the schoolyard and some of our very early childhood experiences. 
One of the reasons I wrote my book in a conversational tone is that I desire my readers to engage with each topic.  More than that I would welcome their comment and feedback as we wade through some of these issues. 

TH: You also refer to a worldview early on in your book. Could you briefly explain, for the reader, what a worldview is?

Credit to: 1106 Designs
CW: Troy - yes I did mention 'worldview'.  I also said that everyone has one whether they are an "egghead" or a "crackhead".  I think that everyone has a frame of reference for how they think, behave and react to or interface with life.  We each try to make sense of what happens to us and around us as filtered through the lens we might call worldview.  How life (parents, employers, dictators, etc.) have treated us is how we perceive reality.  I must also say that it may not even have to be based on fact or truth.  You may have heard the phrase that 'perception is reality'?  Something may have so colored or affected my experience that even if it is not true it becomes my worldview and thus how I respond.  It really is a fascinating study just in itself.  It can affect if we take chances in life from everything from educational goals, business aspirations, or our concept of true love.  I have a worldview.  It is my hope that it lines up with the truth of scripture and an accurate view of my heavenly Father. 

TH: Do you currently have any plans for another book, in any particular topic?

CW: Another book? I do have the framework and topic for another book. I don't have the energy to tackle it right now. There are also certain goals I want "The Power of I Will" to accomplish or reach that are for me some signal that I should put one more collection of thought on the market. My wife tells me I should write it now--- kind of like 'if you build it, they will come.' I don't wish to divulge the topics or title but can say I think the premise of the book will be controversial, needed, and rather unpopular.  By the way- I look forward to your first book and want to help you in any way that I can.

TH: Interesting. I look forward to it. Regarding my book, I hope to work more on it during the summer.
TH: Thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview, CW. Is there anything else you wish to convey to the reader?

CW: Thank you more Troy. What a privilege - to be asked about something I am passionate about. I do hope that anyone who reads my book will truly engage with it, and I welcome feedback. I want to rejoice and share with people responding to the will of the Lord. May the Lord bless and lead you in the particular place he has called you to in the Kingdom. 

Be sure to purchase a copy of CW’s book, The Power Of I Will, which you can find here. A portion of the proceeds from the book are used to support the ongoing mission work with the orphans and the needy in India. Visit for more information on that.

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