Saturday, October 23

God and Simple Logic

Are there any specific logical conclusions that we can make about God, merely by using examples and logic alone? Yes, there is. There are many logical reasons to believe in the Creator God, and in this entry, I will not only give scriptural references to his creation, and the defense of this creation, but logical debates, if you will, that some do not think of.

Understand, of course, that these may seem odd or even silly to seem, yet at the same time, mean the world to others. God gave us his word to teach us, correct us, help us. "For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope." (Romans 15:4)

I have often found myself in situations wherein people ask such questions as, "How Do You Know God Exists?" Or statements such as, "God could not exist, because I have never seen him, heard him, or touched him." Such things as these, if thought about long enough, are not good arguments to make. In the modern society, many Christians do not know how to answer the first. I trust that many of these entries on the blog have helped you to answer such questions.

Let us begin with an example. One of your friends comes up to you and says, "God must not exist, I have never seen him, touched him, or heard him. Therefore, he cannot exist." *Side-note: merely because he has not made himself known to you does not mean he does not exist.* A good, logical response would be, "Have you ever seen George Washington?" "Well, no. But we have historical documents of him." Our reply? "We have historical documents of God." We agree with what we read in Historical Textbooks because of documents and accounts that have been around for a long time. Why is this not the case with God's Word?

Point being, not one of us alive today has ever seen, heard, or touched George Washington. We have never seen, heard, or touched King George III. Yet there is not doubt that they existed. There is enough evidence to prove the existence of God, our Intelligent Designer.Where else can you go from there?

Say, for example, that someone comes up to you and says, "I don't believe in air, because I can't see it, hear it, or touch it." Our response should be, :Do you believe in love?" "Why of course, what a silly question." Then we say, "Have you ever seen it, heard it, or touched it? No, you have not. But we have FELT it. In the same way, I have FELT air." Also in the same way, many people have FELT the presence of God. I have personally FELT God, just as I have FELT love, though "God is love." (1st John 4:8)

Natural law is another thing. We all have laws that we cannot break - the law of gravity, for example. No matter how many times you jump up, you will always fall back down due to the gravity of the planet. But when we take a look at Moral Law such as knowing the difference between right and wrong. If one is old enough to be able to read this entry and understand it, then they know of the Moral Law, or know of its existence.

The Moral Law contains truths such as not lying, not lusting, not committing adultery, not murdering, honoring your father and mother, among others. But unlike the Law of Gravity, we have a choice whether or not to follow this law. It did not merely develop within our minds over time, but is something we are born with, engraved on our hearts and minds by our creator - God. If God did not exist, then we would not have a Moral Law, and would have no need to follow it, for then we would merely be chemicals fighting each other in survival. The law is written on our hearts. (Romans 2:14-15)

Consider the tilt of the Earth. Using logic, I can determine that the tilt of the Earth, the position of the axis, all of it, the oxygen, the oceans, the land, it is all near-perfect conditions for life.

Using simple logic, we can determine this: logic dictates that creation must have a creator. Therefore, by using logic alone, we can determine that something had to have created this energy, this matter. But who, or what, created the matter? The Christian tradition would declare that the Lord God Almighty created the Universe (Genesis 1-2, Exodus 20:11, 31:12, etc.).

Troy Hillman

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